We have expertise in multiple domains but at this stage our prime focus is e-Commerce, Mobile, Travel Technology and Digital Marketing. Quality is something we will not compromise on and our goal is to focus on just a few projects at a time. If interested, please contact us with the project details and expected start date. Live online projects that are not assuring ROI or travel portals struggling with unrealistic look to book, we can support you in finding that missing piece, cooperating with the same technology providers in all possible cases. We can drive such projects and related product adoption initiatives.

airline websites

Airline Websites & Mobile Apps

It was unplanned that we got into our first airline website project, as our experience was mainly in the Travel & Tourism domain. Once we started analysing the airline project scope, we learned that there is a lot of difference between the site structure, content, and even goal setting of an airline website compared to a travel…

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Creative WordPress & Budget driven websites

We are very specialized in Website Builders & WordPress including WooCommerce. Mobile responsive and SEO friendly WordPress site is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to go online. Connecting 3rd Party services and Plug-ins are supported and we can guide you with the right options. Independent to the invested amount or time, our…

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CRM & Lead Management for e-Commerce

Do you need sales lead tracking and campaigns to be a part of your website process flow ? Connected with Premium CRM Partners of the region we can support you with CRM (Sales & Marketing), Finance, HR Solutions (incorporating recruitment platforms in company websites) and more … Contact SG Technology Consultants for a free demo…

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Travel Blogger

Are you a Travel Blogger or Vlogger ?

If you are a Travel Blogger looking for an easy to use platform to manage your trips, blog posts, social media connected, SEO ready .. contact us today. We can provide you a hosted platform .. we will take care of its domain registration, hosting, design, ssl, maintenance … You keep exploring the world and…

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travel automation

Travel : Mid-Back-Office & Automation

Until a few years ago many travel agencies had considered their B2C, corporate engines, online tour packaging tools as stand-alone platforms that is not connected to their core business applications. But now with technology and advanced thinking all these are part of the integral flow and end-to-end process. In our few recent projects also we…

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Corporate travel

Corporate Self Booking Tools (SBT)

When it comes to the expenses of most companies, corporate travel or business travel-related expenses remain one of the top. For many companies, it’s just below wages and benefits. So controlling travel expenses by filtering avoidable trips, booking the right fare, and hotel category all remain key. The most effective way to manage this is…

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e-commerce for startups

Retail e-Commerce for Startups

These days many companies and brands like to go online. Clear understanding on end-to-end flow, processes and investments model actually delaying the plans of many. We deal with a range of retail e-Commerce platforms that is ideal for startup projects. If you like to introduce an online channel for your business we can propose multiple…

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Internet Booking engine for Online Travel Agencies

A travel agency having an Online Presence and an Online Travel Agency in many areas its not the same. We have come across many cases where same booking platforms are pushed across all business models. There is where we have separated IBE for Travel Agencies & IBE for Online Travel Agencies. We don’t prefer to…

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Travel websites

A website for every Travel Agency & Tour Operator

Independent to the travel agency sizes a mobile responsive online presence is the requirement of the time. Whether it to be for company listed in search engines, business listing, market expansion, global reach, partnerships .. these days a mobile responsive and SEO friendly website has its importance. We have the expertise to drive budget driven…

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Sustainable Travel – Our partnership with Trees4Travel

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Trees4Travel as part of our efforts to offer clients a more sustainable travel future. How are SG Technology Consultants clients going to benefit from this partnership ? • Projects that we consult or manage will be introduced to Trees4Travel services, to help companies reach their climate targets…

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tour booking engine

B2C Tour booking engine

This is a CMS-based tour package management system or tour booking engine. Unlike the traditional way of listing static packages to websites, the whole website is around the core tour booking services. There is a provision to add internet booking engines as well. Since a bit different approach, we suggest you contact us to discuss…

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e-commerce platform

Modern commerce platform for Innovative Online Businesses

Looking for a modern, scalable and an innovative e-Commerce platform for medium to large businesses ? … which already powers more than 35 B2C brands, readily connected with Payment & Logistics partners of the region. The product is best suited for B2C Retail .. Fashion, Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Jewellery, Electronics, Perfume, Online Market Place, Grocery and…

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Internet Booking Engine

Internet Booking engine for Travel Agencies

A travel agencies hybrid online presence always has got its importance and there is always a client base who prefer this model. These days many traditional travel agency brands are opening their online window to the world. We deal with more than 10 providers who can deal with booking platforms that can help an agency…

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Loyalty program

Rewards, Loyalty & Performance management

Looking for an everyday performance management tool without heavy initial investments ? Here is an easy to implement  next generation incentive programs, powered by the latest in private social networks. The product follows a monthly fee model … To know more about a new way to engage your communities, contact us. Please make sure to…

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