Airline Websites & Mobile Apps

It was unplanned that we got into our first airline website project, as our experience was mainly in the Travel & Tourism domain. Once we started analysing the airline project scope, we learned that there is a lot of difference between the site structure, content, and even goal setting of an airline website compared to a travel agency website.

So we have done almost six months of research on airline websites, airline products and availed the consultancy service of a domain-specialised person with more than two decades of Airline experience. We have studied the structure and differences between Airline websites vs Online Travel Agencies, Travel Agencies etc. Now we can deliver quality Airline website projects at affordable commercial models that can easily suit almost every budget type.

We are not into developing any Airline products but delivering creative and user-friendly Airline Websites and Mobile Apps, depending on available Airline Products and APIs in the industry. Our focus services include (1) Based on API, we can create custom-designed Mobile Apps, Websites with proper UI, UX, Mobile Responsiveness & SEO compatibility (2) If the airline uses Whitelabel engines, we can create CMS-based websites, Apps with the best engine integration, and related services. (3) If airlines like to package their content with Non-Air APIs, we can support such integrations.

Our target customers: Small Airlines, Charter Flight Companies, Private Jets, and Airline Technology Companies that provide API and Whitelabel engines – but need support in delivering fully integrated platforms to their clients and small Airlines that require support considering marketing management. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we are available for calls or meetings. 

Airline Websites - Designing and Development

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