Travel : Mid-Back-Office & Automation

Until a few years ago many travel agencies had considered their B2C, corporate engines, online tour packaging tools as stand-alone platforms that is not connected to their core business applications. But now with technology and advanced thinking all these are part of the integral flow and end-to-end process. In our few recent projects also we have witnessed this change. Inspired by such a few automation involved B2C & B2B e-Commerce projects we are extending our focus to Mid-back-office, CRM, ERP, RPA like areas as well. 

This is where we have connected multiple automation and mid-back-office providers from the region and beyond. Let us know your automation and back-office requirements and we will get back to you with a plan, including the right partners and domain expertise. Our partner world model is not introducing a provider and securing lead benefits, but we will be there with you, representing you in the project as required. Contact SG Technology Consultants for more information. 

travel automation