We have expertise in multiple domains but at this stage our prime focus is e-Commerce, Mobile, Travel Technology and Digital Marketing. Quality is something we will not compromise on and our goal is to focus on just a few projects at a time. If interested, please contact us with the project details and expected start date. Live online projects that are not assuring ROI or travel portals struggling with unrealistic look to book, we can support you in finding that missing piece, cooperating with the same technology providers in all possible cases. We can drive such projects and related product adoption initiatives.

Travel Project Management

Travel Project Management – Partner

Travel Project Management, SG Technology Consultants prioritises collaboration, not competition, with any technology company or supplier we work alongside. We’re not resellers of any booking platforms or white-label products. On the development side, we focus on interfaces for existing IBE APIs, business web services, and more. This encompasses UI/UX design, website and mobile app, AI,…

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Travel Technolgy Consulting

Travel Technology Consulting

Travel Technology Consulting: It’s a period in which travel technology consultancy firms are becoming more critical for the business. The travel industry is a whirlwind of innovation, and staying ahead of the curve requires expertise. That’s where we come in. We’re your trusted travel technology consultants with a deep understanding of the latest advancements to…

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Project Management : e-Commerce & Mobile

We support both long term or short term project management contracts. Quality is something we will not compromise on and we generally contract only a few projects at a time. If interested, please contact us with your requirements, project details and the expected start date.   Contact us for more information

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Digital Marketing & CMS Management

This service can benefit Airlines, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators or any company that considers online as one of their key channels of sales and client acquisition. This is a bundled package of CMS Management, Blog platforms, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and more. Recruiting every skill set may not be a cost-effective option, but…

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airline websites

Startups & SME Consultancy Package

Planning to launch a new Company and not sure how to have a successful online presence ? Like to introduce e-Commerce and automation to an existing company ? Please share your expectation and approximate budget for this activity and we will take care of the rest .. from domain registration logic to post production marketing and adoption…

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AI for Travel and Tourism – 20+ use cases

SG Technology Consultants is one of the first in our region to champion AI development. Since launching our first AI project in 2022, we’ve continuously invested in innovative AI solutions and use cases. That initially launched Itinerary planner with an online quote system is now used by more than 4 regional travel brands. In marketing,…

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product Adoption

Product Adoption Package – Travel

Our services are not limited to B2C. One area Travel Agencies and Corporations always struggle is the product adoption of B2B Products and Corporate Self booking tools. Using different methodologies, trainings and related tools we can help the organisations and departments to improve the usage of technology and products.  Contact SG Technology Consultants for more…

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travel and tourism

IT Consultancy – Travel & Tourism

Travel Agencies & Online Startups :  We can support you in choosing the right Technology, GDS, Aggregators, Online booking engines (b2c,b2b), POS applications, Payment gateways, Websites, Mobile Apps, Online security topics … following global standards, procedures and methodologies. We also support the marketing management side of Travel and Tourism projects. Business Travel Agencies :  Our…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Business Growth Solutions

We can drive your Marketing and Social Media Strategy, maintain and support your marketing activities, Social Media, Performance Tracking and Analytics …. We also provide Digital marketing consultancy to launch a new Company, Product or Service… share your expectation and approximate budget for this activity and we will take care of the rest.. Contact us…

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Project Management – Travel & Tourism

This is our most experienced domain and industry. We support project management of Internet Booking Engines, Corporate SBTs, B2B Sub-agency Platforms, Travel websites,  Travel Mobile Apps, Tour Packaging products, POS, Client side API Project Management, Online Travel Agency Projects, OTA Market expansion, Corporate SBT Project Management including Product adoption …  Contact us for more information

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API Project

Client side API Project Management

From our experience many online travel projects remain incomplete or struggle to go live because it lacks proper project management. Not all travel agencies has got API familiar IT resources, so in such projects the agency part is not well covered.  Travel Agencies and Online Startups, we can consult and represent you in API Projects…

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