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We specialise in Website Builders and WordPress, including WooCommerce. A mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress site is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go online. We support connecting third-party services and Plug-ins and can guide you through the right options. Independent of the amount of time invested, our goal is for our projects to stand out and for clients to benefit.

We can also create budget-driven websites for companies that just need a corporate website for inclusion in profiles and directories or for submitting applications where a website is a mandate. If your company needs a custom theme (that is not available to purchase and download), we are connected with related players. Contact SG Technology Consultants for any type of website requirement.

30+ performing portal references. 
Ideal for SMEs and Startups.
Travel Agency WordPress websites.
Tour Operator WordPress websites.
Tested, proven and licensed plug-ins are used in the maximum possible cases.
Speed, Response time and performance optimised wordpress sites. 

WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform. It grew thanks to a community of developers and became much more powerful, allowing you to build all kinds of websites today. Now WordPress is a popular website creation tool for a reason: it’s user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and highly customizable. This means you can set up and manage your site without needing coding knowledge, and it will be easy for search engines to find your content. Plus, there are tons of themes and plugins available to give your website the exact look and functionality you need. The website you currently access,, has also been developed on WordPress.

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