OTA, New Market Entry & Expansion Projects

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) looking for market expansion to Gulf Countries, the Middle East and Africa? You have reached the right place. No hesitations, No complicated discussions, and No extensive research, we will be direct to the topic …  Based in UAE, our key consultant is working closely with Travel agencies, Tour Operators, Online Players and related service providers in Middle East & Africa (MEA) for more than 15 years.

Like to know the GDS(s), NDC Players, Hotel APIs, Aggregators, Consolidators, Fulfilment Partners, Payment Providers, Airlines, and Marketing trends in different countries in the region … we have the experience. If we have to deal with a GDS or a Platform that we are unfamiliar with, we have to option to include related topic experts in the project.  

If the earliest Go Live is your plan, Let’s Start … Following practical contract models and implementation scenarios, we will guide you on ‘ What to do and How to do ‘.