Corporate Self Booking Tools (SBT)

When it comes to operational and business expenses the Travel and related expenses remains one of the top. For many Consultancy and service industries its just below wages and benefits. So controlling travel expenses by filtering avoidable trips, booking the right fare, hotel category all remains key. The most effective way to manage this is to use a Corporate Self Booking Tool, preferably with an Expense Management. This will cover Travel Policies, Approval Flows, Supplier and deal Management, Enabling employees to make their travel plans even on the move with Mobile apps and more … 

SG Technology is experienced with multiple providers and tools available in the market. Inline to your budget and requirements we can help you to secure the right corporate booking engine for your Organisation. By reading the above do you feel that this requires heavy investments and suits only for big players .. ?  Big Corporate SBT Products require upfront investment for sure, but we can support you to find subscription or usage based products that even can suit companies with only a few employees. Contact SG Technology Consultants for more information.

Corporate SBT